Immersive Data Science Education

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The aim of the Abacus project is to develop an
interactive, self-paced data literacy platform to educate adults on data
science and complex algorithms, using augmented reality and serious games.

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Our Partners

American University of Cyprus (AUCY)

Focusing on developing higher education standards in Cyprus, The American University of Cyprus (AUCY) aims to become a leading center of excellence in education and raise academic standards in Cyprus by empowering its graduates and postgraduates through programs based on intensive practical training, innovative curricula, and modern equipment.

Technologos Research and Innovation Services

A group of researchers, scientists and engineers with prior experience from both industry and academia, focusing on the development of digital educational interventions as well as research projects. They specialise in designing and building serious games and simulation models, that include personalisation elements using Machine Learning algorithms.

Innovation Frontiers

Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology & research company whose main target is to develop new educational approaches through working in close cooperation with educational institutions, such as universities, schools, adult & vocational centers and educational oriented NGOs. The company is exploring new ways of using modern technology and modern teaching methods to improve the lifelong learning environment and make learning more accessible and more fun. What is more the company integrates the implications of educational neuroscience in classroom so as to improve the efficiency of learning and teaching.


Fourthedesign is a creative services company based in Crete Heraklion, Greece, producing 3d animation, 2d animation and character animation for TV commercials, corporate and multimedia design. We also specialise in 3d graphics, architectural visualization, virtual reality walkthroughs, augmented reality interactions, medical animation, graphic design, application design, multimedia design and website design.


Activity 1

User needs and curriculum development for Abacus

Activity 2

Abacus Interactive Technologies

Activity 3

Abacus e-learning platform Integration and Evaluation

Activity 4

Multiplier event - Launch of Abacus